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HipHop Range


Body Wax Strips (Aloe Vera)

Forget parlours, appointments and waiting – here’s your quick wax fix. Our wide strips made using Lipo wax remove hair from its the roots in one swift motion. And when you’re done, simply clean up with our Argan oil wipes for that extra care. Now, brighter and smoother skin at your disposal!

Why HipHop?

  • Wide, superior strips with a strong grip
  • Wipes enriched with Argan Oil; 100% Natural Extracts
  • Removes fine hair with a salon finish
  • Gives brighter and smoother skin
  • Dermatologically and Clinically Tested; Suitable for all skin types

85.00 72.00


Additional information

Weight 45.3 g
Dimensions 9.5 × 2.2 × 18 cm

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