Acetone & Acetate – Damaging your nails

Acetone & Acetate – Damaging your nails

We pick quality nail polish for our hands. After all, we don’t want to damage our nails with the wrong one. Only if we paid as much heed to our nail polish removers, that we use every time we try that new shade on. The ingredients of the nail polish remover are as important as the ingredients of your nail polish. Though the nail polish remover stays on your nails for a shorter period in comparison to nail polish, its strong chemical composition has more damaging effects on your nails. The beauty market is evolving towards healthier nail paint removers. In absence of clear information or understanding of the ingredients, you will miss moving towards healthier nails. Here are some eye-opening facts of the acetone and acetate nail polish removers.

Acetone based Nail Polish Removers

Acetone is a powerful solvent that is quite effective in removing nail polish. It works by dissolving the hard film of the nail polish on your nails. Nail polish has ingredients like color pigments, plasticizers, resins, and film formers which are difficult to remove after drying. Hence, the nail polish remover has high concentrations of acetone in the range of 30%-60%. Though the nail polish removes the nail polish effectively, the strength of the acetone is too hard on your nails and cuticles. The acetone based remover has a drying effect on your nails, and your nails become brittle and break off or peel off easily. In many cases, the harmful effect of the acetone-based nail polish remover also leads to skin irritation and nail infections. Yellowing of nails is a common after-effect. Additionally, it always leaves on that strong smell on your nails as you use it.

Acetate based nail polish removers

Many people who are aware of the nail damaging effects of the acetone-based nail polish remover’s switch to non-acetone based nail polish removers. The most common being acetate. Not many girls know ethyl acetate is more dangerous than acetone if it is accidentally ingested and hence governments in developed countries have placed restrictions on the concentration of these solvents in beauty products. Acetate, although milder, carries the same flaws.

No matter what you choose – acetone or as they call it “acetone free” nail polish removers, you are only selecting between a greater and lesser evil. Both nail polish removers harm your nails and skin in the long run and advocating any of these cannot be a wise beauty advice.

What is the best nail polish remover for you?

The industry is now moving towards ‘acetone and acetate free’ nail paint removers. These use rich oils and remove the nail paint with ease. Further, there are new ones coming up with additional nourishment to the skin such as Argan oil, a natural moisturizer used in beauty products. If you have rough nail cuticles or the skin around your nail is tough, these nail polish removers can reverse the damaging effects of the general nail polish removers and make your nails healthy and beautiful.

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