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HipHop Range

Skin Tightening Cream (100 gm)


1. SKIN CELLS TURNOVER - The Body Toning Cream contains sea buckthorn oil that promotes faster cellular generation which in turn helps in maintaining the elasticity and firmness of skin. 

2. TIGHTENS - Loose skin can be the first sign of aging amongst many.  The propanediol in our Body Toning Cream tightens loose and dull skin. 

3. PIGMENTATION - HipHop Kokum Butter, Pomegranate Extract & Seabuckthorn Oil Body Toning Cream combats pigmentation on breasts and butt and gives an even skin tone. 


Product Description - 

Aren’t we all guilty of wanting firm(er) and tight skin that shows no signs of aging at all? While we can’t deny the process, we can surely slow it down! The HipHop Kokum Butter, Pomegranate Extract & Sea Buckthorn Oil Body Toning Cream is designed to uplift the skin to make it firm and tight. Our favorite part? The fact that this toning cream actively makes the skin look younger and brighter. It’s a win-win situation! 

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