Where are HipHop products available?

We are available all over India, through portals like Amazon, Nykaa and Purplle. Chains including Big Bazaar, Noble Plus, and Guardian stock our products. In the western region, we are at your local chemist/cosmetic stores, and will be coming soon to other regions similarly.

Are the products safe to use? Even for sensitive skin?

Absolutely. Our product range is dermatologically & clinically tested, and is well-suited to sensitive skin.

Is the charcoal nose strip reusable?

No, the charcoal nose strip is for one time use only. We recommend using it once a week the best results

Can body wax strips be used for underarms as well?

We recommended using HipHop’s Bikini & Under arm wax strips that are specially formulated for sensitive areas. Please note hair growth on underarms is in two different directions (up & down) and needs to be pulled out accordingly.

Which areas can I use facial wax strips on? Are there any restraints?

While upper lips and sidelocks are the most common application areas, the strips can be used across the face except on the eyes. The strips are not suitable for the elderly. Also, don’t wax the same area more than twice, as it is sensitive and may lead to redness.

Does the nail polish remover remove gel nails as well?

No, these cannot be used for gel nails.

What kind of make-up can be removed by the make-up remover wipes?

All make up including waterproof make up can be removed by the wipes. It can be used across your face, eyes and lips.

Can the nail polish and make-up remover wipes dry out?

If the container is left open, the wipes can dry out. Therefore, please ensure the container is closed fully after each use.

What happens if I am not happy with the product I received?

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Our dedicated team will assist you with any query you may have. You can reach us on: +919819087733 or write to us at indiacare@elegarebeauty.com for assistance.

Does the nose strip hurt while peeling the blackheads off?

No, the nose strips are painless. Peel it off slowly.

Are the wax strips reusable?

Yes, the wax strips can be reused up to 3 times by following the 3 simple steps: 1. Fold it 2. Unfold it 3. Re-use it.

I am using wax strips for the first time, anything I should keep in mind?

We are happy to hear that! One important tip, please ensure you pull the strip out in the opposite direction of hair growth as that is the key determining factor. For facial wax strips, hair growth on upper lips occur in different directions on both sides – need to pull out separately.

What do I do if the wax sticks to my skin?

Our Argan Oil wipes easily wipe off all wax from the skin, while also nourishing it. Please note don’t use water to remove the wax.

How many wipes do I need to remove the nail polish on my hands?

Just one – that’s all.

Do I need to wash my face after removing make up?

Our wipes eliminate the need for that, as the micellar water inside acts as a cleanser as well as facewash.

Are there any precautions we need to take before or after using any HipHop products?

Our precautions section on every pack covers all pointers. We recommend reading it carefully before using any of our products to take the maximum advantage of our products!