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HipHop Range

Brightening Mud Mask (100 ml)


1. BRIGHTENS - The glycolic acid in HipHop Brightening Mud Mask instantly brightens your day and your skin .

2. CONTROLS OIL - Our mud mask has zinc oxide that curbs oil production and also nips it in the bud by fighting  acne causing bacteria. 

3. ACNE & ACNE SCARS - Say bye to all the acne woes as our mud mask not only reduces the chance of acne occurring but also helps in healing the acne scars. 

Product Description - 

With the goodness of glycolic acid, orange peel and hyaluronic acid our Mud Mask is a clear winner. It gently controls oil and sebum production, bids adieu to acne and acne scars, hydrates the skin and gives it an undeniable glow! What more can one ask for? Oh and, it also helps in achieving and even skin tone. It’s the spa treatment your oily skin deserves every week!  

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